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Member Jency Sekaran exhibition opening

Jency Sekaran is having a solo show at Carroll Hall, 2 Vandervoort Pl, Brooklyn, NY.

The opening is Thursday, September 21 at 6PM. This is a one time event!

“She is ______, അവൾ _____, அவள் ____, ఆమె _____”

We invite you to Carroll Hall for an extraordinary immersive art experience designed to embrace and elevate self-love, transcending all body stages and skin tones within the vibrant South Asian community. "She is ______, അവൾ _____, அவள் ____, ఆమె _____" invites you on a journey that redefines beauty standards, fostering a deep sense of appreciation for your unique self.

Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of color, emotion, and empowerment. Through captivating visual art, we celebrate the myriad forms of beauty that reside within each of us. This show is a sanctuary where every body, every skin tone, and every story finds its rightful place in the tapestry of self-love.

As we navigate the vibrant diversity of South Asian identities, "She is ______, അവൾ _____, அவள் ____, ఆమె _____" unites us in a shared experience that transcends societal expectations. Let's come together to embrace our individuality and the collective strength of our community. Join us in celebrating the journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and love, regardless of the stage your body is at or the hue of your skin.

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