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Member Austin Thomas is exhibiting at Morgan Lehman

MGC member Austin Thomas is exhibiting in a solo show, City Scape, at Morgan Lehman, 526 West 26th Street, Suite 410. On view until Oct 7.

“Through her art, the artist navigates city life, capturing architectural geometries and the contagious energy of urban spontaneity. References to soaring skylines and vertiginous views collide to form a maze of shapes and angles that reflect the artist’s unique perspective of metropolitan experience. Her work celebrates the city with a palette of sunny yellows, sky blues, brick browns, and sidewalk-gray hues. The bold markings and eccentric shapes, guided by formal improvisation, reveal multilayered meanings and invite joyful puzzling. For the viewer, looking at her works is akin to traversing the bustling streets of Manhattan. Thomas invites audiences to react freely to and engage with these abstract urban narratives. Through her process-driven approach, ordinary urban experiences morph into extraordinary aesthetic spectacles.

Thomas meticulously layers ink colors on found paper using sheet metal templates, foam, and an etching press. Her idiosyncratic printing method allows the artist to periodically pause the process of making and conduct an in-depth analysis of each work to strategize subsequent layers, colors, and shapes…”

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