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Join us on Zoom tonight at 6pm!

Fall 2022 Artist Talks

Verá Tineo is an interdisciplinary artist from New York with roots stemming from Dominican Republic. Her work is informed with the attempt of communicating different ideas through the exploration of various mediums including paintings, drawing, sculpture, printmaking and installation. Verá describes her work as a language focus on the ideas of home, family, body and society. With her visual art she tells stories that need to be told with the goal of expanding the viewers perspective and experience.

Abigail Akindude is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores the complexities of Black life. She uses her artwork to show different perspectives of the Black experience. Her work has touched on themes of trauma, mental health, poverty, race, black culture and womanhood. She draws inspiration from her own life experiences, and the stories she has been impacted by. In her multidisciplinary approach she uses clay, textiles, paint, glass, ink, hair, wood and found materials. Her techniques include handbuilding and pottery ceramics, printmaking, sewing, painting, weaving and crochet/knitting. She intends to convey the complexities of black life, the different experiences of Black people, and how they are treated and seen in the world. Her art is also a form of activism showing the overlooked and forgotten stories of many Black people. She intends to create a visual narrative with contrasting forms, and textures to convey different feelings, experiences, and life.

Kyra Gregory is a painter/printmaker/multimedia artist based in Queens, NY. They graduated from Princeton University in 2019 with a major in Visual Arts and certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies. Kyra works primarily in woodcut relief and often uses their prints to construct print and painting-based collages. Their work is rooted in an existential search for self and community and driven by their personal experiences with queerness, mental illness, and spirituality.

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