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Woodblock Basics Starts This Weekend!

Our Woodblock Basics class with Sato Yamamoto starts this weekend June 17 & 18.

Woodblock Basics introduces students to traditional Japanese woodcut techniques. Printmaker Sato Yamamoto will guide students through the steps of carving and printing a woodblock print by hand with a baren over the course of this weekend workshop. Students may also use an etching press to print their blocks.

Sato is a Japanese bilingual artist inspired by culture and diversity. Born in Meguro, Tokyo – currently living in Brooklyn, New York. Her unique style of art includes advanced ambidextrous and Ukiyo-e printmaking skills, that she uses in her artistic practice. Growing up in Japan, Sato used various techniques to create dynamic designs and expressive scenic views of the world around her. Her Origami art includes English translations of the Japanese diary “Ogura Hyakuninisshue” a historical Haiku book written by Japanese emperors, family, and their friends. Through their letter, Sato presents her experience and feelings in the big crowd of the city and how New York changed her perspective of her artistry.

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