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Watercolor Monotype with Phil Sanders at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation, Ireland

August 21st–28th, 2022

With all of the processes that printmaking has to offer an artist none are more free and forgiving than monotype. The process of watercolor monotype adds even more advantages with an unlimited working time, non-toxic materials, methods for dry and wet media, brush work and line work combined on a single matrix, in addition to multilayer printing. Like any process there is a getting to know you period and the class setting greatly accelerates an artist’s ability to find their voice in the medium as well as providing extended learning opportunities from fellow classmates. This seven day course is designed to take advantage of the unique and beautiful setting of Ballinglen with drawing sessions in the surrounding countryside as well as work in the studio from personal source materials. I have been teaching and using the watercolor monotype process in professional settings for over twenty years and have never seen any two artists approach the medium in the same way. The marks are unique, aesthetic results are artist driven, and it is nothing like traditional watercolor whose only commonality is the raw materials. We will begin each day with a drawing calisthenics exercise to get into the mode of making, working representationally and abstract followed by plein air and studio work. We will print often, incorporating chine collé and multi plate printing into our repertoire as the course progresses. Students will receive a set of monotype plates they can take home with the goal of each student leaving with a small body of work.

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