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Ramona Candy and Celine Son are MGC's 2023 Summer Scholarship Artists

Ramona Candy draws inspiration from her Caribbean heritage, growing up in Brooklyn -- and a dance career spanning over 30 years. She is a culture bearer -- motivating others through her art practice; bringing history to life and creating in dedication to her community. While most of her work consists of collage and painting, Ramona has worked in and has enjoyed several printmaking techniques.

In addition to having her work in collections throughout the US, and in U.S. Department of State’s Art in Embassies (Timor Leste), she is the director of the Arts Council at St. Joseph’s University; a founding member of Clark Center NYC, a dance legacy project; and a founding member of the Future Historical Society at BRIC. More about Ramona can be found at

Celine Son is a visual artist based in Queens, New York. She received her BFA from New York University in 2010. Her practice includes oil painting and ceramic sculpture.

Son uses symbols from the natural world and domestic life to describe a disjointed personal mythology. Fusing the mystical and the psychological, she connects a diaristic narrative to archetypes of the human condition and universal experiences of self. Her work investigates the depth and invisibility of inner lives and the interconnectivity born out of meaning-making through symbols. Drawing from memories, dreams, and intuition, she creates meeting places for the interior forces shaping our relationship to the external world.


Instagram: @celines0n

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