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New: Water, Waste, and Wonder course with sTo Len

Tsuminagashi and Gomitaku Expanded Printmaking

Join artist sTo Len for 2 workshops based on his versions of the ancient Japanese printmaking techniques of suminagashi and gyotaku.

Suminagashi, or floating ink, is a water-based printmaking technique that creates monoprints from floating paintings on water. Len's version focuses on a meditative collaboration between you and the water, reimagining our relationships with the water bodies around us. Gyotaku, or fish impression, typically uses the body of a fish to create an intimate rubbing impression on paper. In lieu of a fish, sTo Len's version incorporates trash picked up from coastlines and fished out of waterways. We ask you to bring in some of your own trash that you think might have "Art potential." Learn the basics of both and then have a chance to try sTo Len's own versions that update these traditional techniques into an experimental collaboration with nature and a site of discourse on environmentalism and art activism.

Above: sTo Len speaks with MGC's Eneida Cardona

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