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Monotype with Liz Marraffino Starts July 6

Liz Marraffino's summer Monotype class starts July 6.

Using Charbonnel or other brands of water miscible oil inks, as well as any water miscible oil paints the students might have, participants will explore the possibilities of creating one-of-a-kind prints using either a pre-existing substrate (such as an etching or collograph plate) to make a monoprint or creating one-off monotypes, where images are created directly on a sheet of plexiglass.

By employing templates, stencils, and textured fabrics in the printing process, students can produce multilayered images. No chemical solvents will be used in this class.

The last session will present ways to utilize monotypes, and “ghosts” in other art-making processes. This class is suitable for novice as well as experienced printmakers. Manhattan Graphics will provide some plexiglass plates, inks, and paints.

Liz Marraffino is a painter, printmaker, and ceramic artist whose work has been exhibited in group and solo shows in New York City, Dobbs Ferry, NY, Prague, Amsterdam, Australia, and Great Britain. She also teaches painting at the JCC in Manhattan, painting and drawing classes on Zoom, and monotype at Manhattan Graphics Center.

This class includes 8 hours of open workshop time.

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