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K Sarrantonio wins "Most Innovative Entry" at MESH, A Juried National Exhibition of Screenprinted Works

Congratulations to K Sarrantonio for winning the "Most Innovative Entry" award at MESH, a juried national exhibition of screenprinted works at the Pyramid Atlantic Center in Maryland. K won for the entry "Untitled (chestfeeding in silver), 2022."

The piece was awarded one of the three $1,000 awards.

Sarrantonio, K Untitled (chestfeeding in silver), 2022, screenprint on tile with metallic leaf. Created with the support of @mccollcenter.

Juror Mike Hagan said of the piece:

"The entry precisely nailed the MESH theme by using screenprinting intersecting with other special media, e.g., tile and metallic foil. The work creatively moves a generic context of ‘art about art’  to a specific exhibition context of ‘printmaking about printmaking’. E.g., it uses a full range of halftones, clearly signaling the special (often necessary and pragmatic) process used in the graphic art of printmaking. The work also references ‘ink’ with tattoos on skin. And, it presents a printed and repeated pattern on a textile (the blanket). Finally, the work implicitly invites a viewer’s participation: Metallic foil and ceramic tile literally reflects the viewer, with light and dark areas rapidly changing as she/he/they move around the large image. The work — its ideas, its materials —  all interact (i.e., mesh) with the viewer experience. And, the artists themselves are figuratively ‘in’ the work — with both material productivity and maternal reproductivity openly displayed."

Congratulations, K!

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