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2023 Manhattan Graphics Center National Print Exhibition

October 13th – November 18th, 2023

© Eliza Frensley


JUROR: Miguel A. Aragón

Selecting work for this exhibition was a challenging task; with close to 600 entries from 209 applicants, I had the responsibility to curate a selection of prints that represented the medium while they also spoke to concepts that surpassed technique.  

While reviewing the entries, I realized that all of the applicants reflected a strong grasping of technique or subject matter; instead of limiting my selection based on one curatorial concept, I selected 50 pieces that represent a balance between both, process and idea, within their work. These 50 artists are pushing the boundaries of the printmaking media beyond skill to create relevant conversations that are easily approachable as well as timeless. 

The 2023 MGC National Print Exhibition


Opening reception on October 13 at 6:00 PM.

Exhibiting artists include: David Avery, Janet Ballweg, Carlos Barberena, Mary Becker, John Benevento, Kraig Binkowski, Marcia Bujold, Alejandra Carrillo, Patrick Casey, Gino Castellanos, Jaquelee Chit Yu Chau, Elizabeth Corkery, Juan Correa, Ryan Cronk, Julia Curran, Elizabeth Daggar, Mehdi Darvishi, Andrew DeCaen, justin diggle, Eliza Frensley, Dusty Herbig, Marco Hernandez, yuji Hiratsuka, Cheryl Hochberg, Marcus Howell, Nina Jordan, Doi Kim, Andrea Kornbluth, Brian Kreydatus, Joseph Lupo, Anna Martens, Nathan Meltz, Emmett Merrill, Yana Mikho-Misho, Robyn Moore, benjamin moreau, Elvia Perrin,  DeAnn Prosia, Rosalyn Richards, Steven  Mark Rosenthal, Gregory Santos, Esther Schwalb, Sok Song, Valerie Syposz, Tonja Torgerson, Roberto Torres Mata, Michael Weigman, Linda Whitney, erin wohletz, and tianxing xu.


1st prize: Alejandra Carrillo
2nd prize: Mehdi Darvishi
3rd prize: Julia Curran

Work by the Artist in the Exhibition

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Shipping and Handling billed separately 

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