summerink: APRIL 28 – AUGUST 17


Mondays: 6pm - 10pm
Tuesdays-Fridays: 10am - 10pm
Saturdays & Sundays: 10am - 6pm


Easter weekend:   

closes Friday, April 18. 6:00 pm; 

re-opens Monday, April 21, 6 pm.


MGC Lazarus Artists:

The Lazarus Print The premise: Some prints die inglorious deaths and are discarded by their all-powerful creators. But what if these doomed/dead/flawed/unsuccessful/ truly hideous prints were somehow brought back to life? What if there were a way to make bad prints good again? What would they look like? Here is your chance to play God.

The three steps/deadlines for "The Lazarus Print:" 

1. Bring in two of your doomed or dead prints (nothing larger than 22 x 30") PLUS digital images of these prints (in JPEG format; if you don't know how to do this, e-mail one of the organizers and we will help you through it or possibly photograph your works at MGC). Label each print on the back (name, date, title [if it has one], medium) and leave them on shelf #107 by MARCH 10th, 2014. DONE!

2. Choose someone else's doomed or dead print on MARCH 15/16/17, 2014 at MGC. Prints will be available in a bin at the back of the silkscreen area. Choose only ONE print and carry it away with you to your personal nest. (First come, first served.) Rework and resurrect the print at your leisure. DONE!

3. Place the resurrected print on shelf 107 by MAY 15th, 2014. Work should be framed and labeled on the back with appropriate identifying information (your name, new title, date, medium). If you want to price the print, consult with the original artist; all sales will be split 40% original artist, 40% resurrection artist, 20% MGC. Also, please provide a concise one paragraph statement about why you chose a particular dead work and how you resurrected it. These statements will be displayed along with the photos of the original work and your resurrected print. 

Prints will be on display at MGC in the Project Space from JUNE 1-30, 2014. There will be a festive closing reception/artists' talk on June 21st, 2014 (also the day of the summer solstice; wear your robes and bring your wands and ceremonial daggers). 

Prints may be picked up after June 30th from shelf 107. Other restrictions: all participating artists must be members of MGC. 

For questions and other inquiries please contact:

Rich Turnbull, rhturnbull1126@gmail.com 

Bob Shore, bobshore@gmail.com 

David Thomas, dwthomas10011@aol.com

Manhattan Graphics Center (MGC) is a fully equipped, fine art printmaking studio that welcomes artists at all levels of printmaking experience.

MGC’s facilities include three etching presses, three lithography presses, a silkscreen area, and a complete darkroom. MGC offers many options for independent workspace use and a wide variety of classes. For enrollment in all programs, artist membership is required. Membership is open to all artists for an annual fee of $35 and entitles members to numerous benefits.

  • Access to the studio for classes and open workshop.
  • Opportunity to include your work in the MGC online gallery.
  • Opportunity to include your work in the MGC slide file and flat files for review by visiting curators.
  • Eligibility for one–person shows at MGC for members currently working at the studio.
  • Participation in portfolio and exhibition projects.

The administration of MGC is done mainly by keyholders; they are crucial to its survival. For their commitment to monitor (that is, supervise the studio for 4 hours per week, do chores, and staff the MGC committees), keyholders have access to the studio when it is closed and also receive tuition discounts when the studio is open. Artists who wish to participate must have at least one semester of attendance at MGC and must be approved by the Operations Committee.

MGC offers scholarships for its regular terms and the special summer program summerINK. Printmaking experience is not required. Any artist who has not previously worked at MGC is eligible to apply. Visit the scholarship page of our website for application guidelines, or send a self–addressed stamped envelope to MGC for information.