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A Year Immersed in Color
Monotypes by Arlene Farenci

  Arlene Farenci

Arlene Farenci’s love for painting prevails through her vibrant and abstract monotypes showcased here at the Manhattan Graphics Center. The artist takes interest in merging unexpected elements of painting and printmaking to express her unique vision.

Part of her process includes working with layers and transparencies, creating marks with brushes, spatulas, rollers and rags. There is a playfulness and energy in her brushstrokes as she freely applies the ink, trusting her instincts as well as the medium she works with.

Arlene’s work has an explosive quality as she pushes, smears and scrapes her inks. The pigments seem to be alive. Colors clashing and hiding each other, obscuring and revealing themselves. Markings recorded, on the page, as well as the day.

Monotypes are a unique print, typically painterly in effect, made by applying paint or printing ink to a flat sheet of metal or plastic.

The monotypes in this show were printed in 2021, with soy-based inks on archival paper.

A Year Immersed in Color Monotypes by Arlene Farenci 

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