The Dox Thrash Legacy:

Black Futures Campaign

Learn more about the important effort to save the historic home of Dox Thrash, an influential artist and activist who lived and worked in Philadelphia from the late 1920s until his death in 1965. In 1937, Thrash became the first African American to be employed by the Fine Print Workshop in Philadelphia, a division of the WPA Federal Arts Project, where he invented the carborundum mezzotint process, hailed as the most significant technical development in printmaking since the development of lithography in the late eighteenth century. 


Ron Rumford, Director of Dolan/Maxwell (organizer of several traveling exhibitions of the artist's work), will give an overview of Thrash’s artistic accomplishments, followed by a presentation from the organizers of Save The Historic Dox Thrash House/Black Futures Campaign: Maya Thomas, Dana Rice, and Chris Mulford. They will speak about their crowdfund campaign to preserve Dox Thrash’s home and transform it into “a community-centered hub of arts” for the Sharswood District of North Philadelphia– an historic hub of African American culture and activism. Learn more about their campaign on Instagram @dox.thrash or in this article for PBS/WHYY

This project is made possible with funds from the NYSCA Electronic Media/Film in Partnership with Wave Farm: Media Arts Assistance Fund, with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

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Deadline to enter is Monday, July 27!

Send a screenshot of your donation in a private message to the Dox Thrash Instagram account


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