Kathy Caraccio

Board Member

Kathy Caraccio, artist and master printer at K. Caraccio Printing Studio, joined the board in 2019.

I made my first etching in 1968 in a class taught by Professor Richard Ziemann at Hunter College and immediately fell in love with all things printmaking. In 1977, I purchased a Brand Press as well as a business and now at the age of 73, I am still fully invested. In my own practice, I make my collages and prints, and as a master printer, I collaborate with other artists in intaglio and woodcut. During lockdown, I have taken time to work with my staff to curate and present my collection of over 8,000 prints on my website, kcaracciocollection.com; we continue to add viewing rooms, curatorial groupings, and commentary. As of last week, I joyfully returned to my favorite creative act: collaborative editions; I love the dirty finger playfulness of working with other artists again. I am delighted to be able to return to hands-on, analog, ink on paper art making – the best medium ever, the print!

In my work at MGC, I have two roles: spreading my love of printmaking to NYC youth through our Visiting Printmaker Workshop program; and sitting at the board table with the generous and intelligent minds of my peers: artists, print connoisseurs, instructors, makers, collectors, artists, and entrepreneurs. It has been a highpoint of 2020 to be part of the effort to reopen the studio in a COVID-safe environment so we can serve our diverse community and get back to work. I am excited to realize our bourgeoning goals to combine traditional hands-on activities and craftsmanship with scholarship, camaraderie, diversity, and youth outreach for the community.

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