This course is designed to give a comprehensive overview of the history of printmaking right from its origins in the pre-historic context to its development at different times of human progress leading into the very contemporary printmaking processes. Students will acquire knowledge about the fundamentals of printmaking concepts and their relationship to the necessity of art and its changing needs from time to time in history of art.  


Course Content:

  • Pre-historic origins- first human prints in cave art- concept and purpose.

  • Ancient Civilizations- cylindrical seals of Near East, Greece, India and other civilizations; engravings, rubbings etc. from Far East and more.

  • Invention of paper and the first printed book; Development of book printing.

  • Medieval development of European printing.

  • Modern Era and printmaking revolution.


Content will be discussed in detail with PowerPoint presentations and videos. 

History of Printmaking

  • Fridays

    11am - 12:30pm

    September 18, 25, October 2, 9, 16, 23

    Limited to 10 students

    Skill level:  all levels welcome

  • Rohini Iyengar’s doctoral research relates to South Asian art history. As a professor in art history she is a generalist and has taught a variety of courses at different institutions in the US, France, Africa and India. Among the courses that she has taught are: the Western Art History surveys, History of Graphic Design and History of Printmaking, Women Artists and Art History, Asian art survey and more. Her research interests include visual cultural studies, feminist and subaltern studies. She has presented papers at national and international conferences as well as has a growing list of publications of research papers. A chapter from her doctoral thesis: “Ornamental Modernism: Regional Aesthetics and the Art of Andhra Pradesh” is being published in a major volume titled Twentieth Century Indian Art- Vol-II by Thames and Hudson Publications. 

    She has been actively engaged in curatorial practice since 1998 with shows organized at many international avenues.

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