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NEW YORK, NY 10018


New York City Department of Cultural Affairs | The Scherman Foundation for its generous and continuing support | New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature | The Pierre and Tana Matisse Foundation | The Charles Locke Art Fund | The Jockey Hollow Foundation |  Milton and Sally Avery Arts Foundation | Friends and MGC members who have made donations to the Center


Our programs are supported in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Grand Prize Winners

(Click any image to activate the slideshow.)

2nd New York International

Miniature Print Exhibition

at Manhattan Graphics Center


November 4-December 18, 2016

Opening Reception: Saturday, Nov. 5, 6 – 9 pm 


Contact the Manhattan Graphics Center.

Phone: 212-219-8783

Email: miniprint@manhattangraphicscenter.org


The Manhattan Graphics Center (MGC) announces its 2nd juried competition and exhibition devoted to miniature prints. This year, 222 printmakers from over 34 countries submitted work to this exhibition, bringing together a diverse representation of the print world today. Over 600 prints were reviewed by the juror. 124 will be exhibited. 


The 2nd New York International Miniature Print Exhibition will take place from November 4 - December 18, 2016 at our printmaking studio’s gallery with an opening reception during IFPDA Print Week in New York, November 5, 2016.


Entry deadline: Monday | August 29, 2016

Jury notification: Thursday | September 15, 2016

Deadline for accepted prints: Saturday | October 14, 2016

Exhibition dates: November 4-December 18, 2016

Opening reception: Saturday | November 5, 2016

Closing reception: Saturday | December 10,  2016

Return of unsold work: January 2017



David Kiehl, Nancy and Fred Poses Curator of Prints, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York



1st Place:   $500

2nd Place:  $300

3rd Place:   $200

All funds will be paid in US dollars.


Purchase awards in the form of gift cards and/or merchandise are made from art supply retailers. The retailer presenting the award receives the selected print directly from MGC. Thank you to Legion Paper, Blick Art Materials, Four Winds Fine Art Gallery, Renaissance Graphic Arts, and DaVinci Artist Supply for supporting this year’s exhibition with Purchase Awards. 

A 24-page, 4-color catalog of the Exhibition features introductory remarks by the curator and images of all 124 prints in the show.
It can be purchased 3 ways:
  • in person at MGC for $10
  • U.S. delivery – online for $10 plus a $5 shipping and handling charge (total $15)
  • International delivery – for $10 plus a $15 shipping and handling charge (total $25)

Gallery of Accepted Prints  (Click any image to activate the slideshow.)

Accepted Artists, with titles of the accepted work

Al Arif, Ahlam. Other Side

Allen, Suzie. Reflets 3

Alva, Ernesto. Fraction 3

Amos, John. Hogzilla

Atkinson, Beth. Docked

Berg, Eugenie Lewalski. Lake

Berwick, Lyn. Elements

Block, Maggie. Snow Scene

Bond, Lynne Anne. Untitled

Bruckner, Karin. Into the Fold

Castro, Vladimir. Ride drone/ Dron paseando 1

Caviedes, Francisco Cabrera. Partes de mi 1

Chulewicz, Monica. Peer Review

Cochran, Dorothy. Primordial Source #22

Combaz, Cecile. Hip Hop figure 6

Cummins, Kevin. Shore Bird

Davis, Diane. Angel Oak

Diamond, Donna. Playing Tricks

Dormer, James. Window I

Dow-Iwanusa, Debra Kay. Sea Waltz

Driver, Cynthia R.. Road Trip

Duong, Emily. Textures II

Fallini, Barbara. Particles:chromatic test #1

Farrell, Mary. The very lovely things that make one fear

Fatland, Vibeke. Imperity

Ferrigno, Andrea. Slit Experiment

Flanagan, Aidan. Oilean 

Frame, Lee Ann. Traveling Marbles 3

Frodden, Eileen. I

Gans, Lucy. Shame

Gerke, Forrest Harrison. Self Portrait, 2016

Gould, Betsy. Milky Way

Greenfield, Joan. Boar Staring

Hays, Pati. Biological Cosmology Revisited

Hoffman, Marla. Where do we go from here?

Holme, Gillie. Blues in the Night

Hordes, Vivian. Tableau 2

Hricko, Richard. Curious I

Iguchi, Ayako. a rumor

Jepsen, Marianne Lindberg. Light 1

Judakova, Oksana. Water Plant

Kent, Jane. In Line

Kino, Maho. More Light

Kipniss, Robert. Hilltop

Kramer, Wesley. Sweet and Soon to be Sour

Kussro, Lauren. Relics

Larsen, Teresa. Cat Scan II

Leal, Enrique. Visceral Font

Lefebvre, Channing. Byobu I

Lindquist, Evan. Impact

Lipman, Pattie. November Kickers

MacFarlan, Robin. Blue

Marraffino, Liz. Blue Light

Masters, Amy. Lift

Matsumura, Natsuko. Old Coney Island

McClellan, Eileen. Barely a Memory

Mears, Amanda. Looking Back

Miller, Zachary. Modal Trajectory I

Minton, Barbara. Poseidon of Brooklyn

Molina-Otarola, Raul. Highland

Morales, Omar Arcega. Cipher I

Morales, Ruben. Presa

Morris , Nigel. Estuary

Mucciolo, Francesca. Overlay 3

Nanoff, Carl. Organic PC Chip Non GMO Project I

Neu , Barbara. Mothers Day

Noda, Andrey. House Warming

Norvilaite, Kristina. I am in Outer Space

O'Donnell, Bridget R. Tears IV

O'Donnell, Bridget R. Tiny Wall II

Paingchoompoo, Praween. Inside the Soul

Pekmener, Oya. Curiosity

Perlmutter, Merle. Haleys First

Pike-Blair, Colleen. Cuillins I

Pohli, Paula. Vespa Mort

Pokkinen, Helena. Joint Bowl

Polanco, Narciso. Llegaron Ellos

Prosia, DeAnn. Morning Glow

Radke, Debra. Garden Flowers

Rapeport, Stuart. Freedom from Hunger

Riber, Yngve. The Shade Behind 2

Ricksecker, Julianne B.. Gold Dusk

Ries, Kurt. Magic Bird

Rizzi, Maria Teresa. Semilla 3

Rommel, Hermann. Mahl/Nacht 1

Roy, Christiane. Attaches

Rudolph, Miriam. Migration I

Sanchez Hart, Gloria. Back in Time

Sands, Amy. Revolution Mini III

Sanhueza, Silvia Zuniga. SOL Y MONTAÑAS

Saraogi, Amrita. Hand-Love-Grip

Sartiel, Dafna. House

Sasaki, Jana. Crushed

Savage, Roxanne Faber. Party Time

Schuette-Kraemer, Paula. Roast I

Sheehan, Carolyn. Untitled 03

Smelser, Sarah. Ola Kala 2

Soare, Simona. The Phoenix

Spivey, Kim. Tangled

Storey, David. School

Subercaseaux, Pilar. Oculto

Syposz, Valerie. Passing Time

Takano, YasufumiIn the Current

Tam, Catherine. 三  X 3 -11

Tamez, Grizelda. Armonia en Azul

Tananon, Narit. Exotic 1

Taylor, Theresa. Position II

Thomas, David. One Eye

Tomaz, Marija. Rise

Tulis, Abigail. Fully Helmeted Insect

Turnbull Richard. Target III

Van de Roer, Michele. Louvre Museum during Ming Pei

     Pyramid construction, Paris

van Eeno, Cedric. Untitled

Vogel, Lacia. Steady as she goes

Walker , Mary. Grumpy Waits

Wall, Gerry. Albert

Waruch, Claudia. Hay Crossings 1

Weider, Ellen. Please Proceed

Werner, Josef. The Juggler

Wilkinson, Cleo.

Willingham, Roy. Korph

Winegard, Pamela. Askew

Wollmering, Melissa. Snapshot 2

Zielinski, Tine. Untitled (green floral)