Member Highlight

Gillie Holme


"I work with paper in all its’ myriad forms. As delicate as a cigarette paper or as hefty as arches’ sturdiest museum board, pristine or recycled, it is not only a surface to be embellished but also something that could be scored, cut, bound, engraved, printed, punched, pulped, constructed and of course deep into artists’ block or mid-life crisis -read.

Since I became a member of MGC in 2012 (at the behest of Joan Greenfield - who thought I might quite like it...wrong, I loved it from the beginning - the first inky scent, the first paper cut, the first so called genius idea, etc.) I have reveled in the opportunity of new explorations. My obsession with telephone books, fake diamonds, Carl Faberge, cigarettes & their packets, graphite, text, etc. have morphed into the prints you see here."

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