Member Highlight

Anna Bauer


I work in painting, print making and photography. For painting my process revolves around the essence of painting itself. It is based on color, mark making and the push and pull of painting. It is a momentum driven process, not planned. I begin with a line drawing and go back into the paintings over weeks and months. In etching I work similarly, yet more paced. They start with a drawing on soft ground that often includes words. The words reflect what has driven or stopped me in that particular week. It is mostly in Spanish or Italian, sometimes English. Never German, which is my native language. I stay away from words in painting, but in etching they seem to have a home. Once I get to the aquatint stage, my process is similar to my painting, it becomes quite organic. After 3-4 stages of adding stop out, I have lost track of what the outcome will be. I like the unknown element and getting lost in a process. I deeply enjoy learning more techniques every week.

What I loved about printmaking from the first day on, which was an induction at the Glasgow School of Art, is the precision and pace. I need to engage calmly with time. I can’t get too distracted. Another aspect is the collaborative nature that print making allows for. You work at a print shop, so there is a constant exchange of ideas and process in a warm and generous way.

I first started working at MGC in the summer of 2018, when I was fortunate to get a spot in Vijay’s class. I was delighted and relieved, because I found a NY print home. I loved the print work shop at Glasgow School of Art and missed it. It is challenging to find a calm work place in NYC and MGC provides that. It reminds me of the early 2000s when I spent months working at the photographic facility ‘Printspace’, where I printed my color photographs. MGC, just like Printspace allows for artists to work along and support each other in a respectful and loving way. It is key for artists to have that support system, especially in New York, where most things are career driven.

I would highly recommend anyone who likes print making to become a member. The classes are very good, the facilities in excellent shape. The community is my favorite element of it. #FridayswithVijay is the highlight of my week, a day I look forward to. Not only because of Vijay, his kindness and knowledge, but also because of my beloved “co-workers”.