Meet and Greet: MGC Scholarship Students

Saturday, December 1st  

6:30pm - 8:30pm


Join us for an evening to get to know our Fall 2018 scholarship students. Each artist will give a short, 10 minute presentation on their work, and discuss their time at the MGC studio. 

Brice Garrett

With the scholarship at MGC I’ll utilize the silkscreen process to create prints that function as environments for my sculptures and wall pieces. The prints will be a key element to facilitate the transition into more immersive installations, changing how the work is viewed while creating additional context.


The work will take influence from topographical, geological, and sedimentary patterns. Through the use and exploration of silk-screening, I’ll create prints with color washes, graphic patterns, and photo imagery while continuing to investigate form, texture, and material.

Zahra Nazari

My work has developed from painting to sculptural, freestanding paintings, and suspended installations. I have become fascinated with design, drawing and the connections between different mediums. In Manhattan Graphic Center I aim to further my ideas and bring the unique quality of printmaking to my work. In my previous printmaking experience, the techniques in printmaking enriched my imagery and added a complexity that I wasn’t able to get in any other mediums. Having access to the printmaking studio, working with wonderful teacher, Takuji Hamanaka, and learning the details of Japanese Printmaking have been a precious experience. I am excited about working on new ideas and learning valuable techniques.

Madhini Nirmal

In my mixed-media prints, non-human animals bring form to issues of power, caste and class. Growing up in a scrub forest in the suburbs of the Indian city of Chennai, animals have been a tangible part of my past and a way for me to picture better narratives for the future.


I create gesture and movement that the monotype medium lends itself to, to speak to ideas of power and resistance. I also use symbols and text from political posters to reference Tamil politics and injustices (such as corruption, the caste system) in it. I collage these monotyped elements of text and image and paint on them. The reversal of the image that occurs in this monotype process echoes the reversal of power that I imagine the animals to cause. As text and political symbols repeat in my work, the silkscreen method I have been given the opportunity to learn at MGC is sure to ease my process while greatly adding to my work.

Nutthawut Siridejchai

I’m typewriter artist and graphic artist. I’m originally from Bangkok, Thailand. I work on typewriter art as my main medium to create art from typewriter. My work is mixed media between typewriter with other media such as photograph, painting and typewriter drawing. I’m also digital graphic artist for fashion fabric print. I’m currently working at Sunrise Brands.

I came to New York in 2009. My art allows me to express how someone in my life is missed in the way that resonates with people who are migrants or away from their family. I use typewriter as a medium; typewritten work allows me to pass on my story to others via words. Words are often mistaken and erroneous, but I struggle to conclude mistakes as right or wrong: They are momentary decisions in which one can often find beauty. My Typewriter created an artwork that I yearn for as an experiment to convey my story and permanent relationship with memories.

Jayoung Yoon

Human hair is intimately corporeal, tactile and is an especially appropriate symbol of remembrance. I usually work with a process of tying hair lengths together piece by piece, so my hair sculptures take on a transparent quality like the invisible mind, and memories. In my hair painting series, my hair appears suspended at different depths of within several transparent layers of acrylic, in compositions of grids, geometric shapes and circles.


I am fascinated by printmaking’s ability to layer lines and multiple images. I would like to create images with subtle variation, and forms symbolizing the Senses and Thoughts. During a scholarship program at Manhattan Graphics Center, I am especially interested in exploring etching, collagraph and monoprint techniques, layered and combined with collaged hair, thread, and fabric to explore psychological states of consciousness and intimacy.

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