Image: Matthias Kern, etching



  1. MGC members who have worked in the studio for at least one term are eligible to submit their prints for display in the Online Gallery.

  2. Images: Submit up to 9 images. Each must be an rgb jpeg, 1800 pixels in its largest dimensions (width or height). Crop to the printed image only, unless the paper margins are important to your vision. Name the file in this format:
    Firstname Lastname. Title of the Print.jpg (e.g., Judy Shepard. Red Sky.jpg)


  3. Captions: Provide a caption for each image, using this format: 
    Firstname Lastname. Title of the Print. Medium. height x width inches. Year. (e.g., Judy Shepard. Red Sky. Monotype. 6 x 6 inches. 2012.)


  4. Bio/Statement: Very short, as in 
    John Doe is proprietor of the Ink Smudge Shop in Brooklyn. He has been an active member of MGC for 11 years, and pursues archaic 19th century techniques using non-toxic 21st-century materials. He uses vivid colors to explore the fragility of the natural world in an invasive information age.
    Lizzy Borden’s statement: Time is an enemy making every mark a mark in the sand and erasing all things. The moment, however, is an ally making each mark a heartbeat and a lifeline. I favor works on paper because they tempt time with their ephemeral nature; I favor multiples because they aspire to the infinite. 
    T. J. Smith loves fauna.


  5. Delivery:
    ia email to Include images as attachments, and captions & bio as part of the body of the email.