MGC hosts exhibitions of both members and outside artists or organizations that align with MGC's mission. Member requests receive priority. 


  • MEMBER ELIGIBILITY: An artist must be a member of MGC for at least one year prior to their request AND have enrolled in a class or rented workshop time over the past year.


  • WORK ELIGIBILITY: Works must be original prints created using the tools and techniques of printmaking media. Reproductions of works originally created in another format are not permitted.


  • NUMBER OF ARTISTS: Member-artists are permitted to book solo exhibitions or pair with another member. An exhibition of more than 2 artists is considered a group exhibition.


    • Outside group exhibition proposals related to MGC's mission are welcome, subject to staff and board approval.

    • If a member-artist would like to curate a group exhibition, the concept must be submitted to MGC staff for approval.

    • Please contact Director of Operations Erica Criss to discuss: erica[at]manhattangraphicscenter[dot]org.

  • BOOKING LIMITATIONS: No artist may have a solo or shared dual exhibition more than once every two years. MGC members who have not yet had a solo exhibition will be given priority over those who have exhibited before.


Please contact the exhibition committee (exhibitions[at]manhattangraphicscenter[dot]org) to schedule the following dates. Requests must be made at least six months in advance.

  • Public exhibition dates

  • Installation date

  • Take-down date

  • Receptions and/or talks

See further details and requirements below.

  • FEE: The fee for the Main Gallery is $200. 

  • ADDITIONAL SPACE: Should the exhibition require more wall space, the workshop area Project Space may be available. An additional fee of $100 is required, for a total of $300. 

  • PAYMENT: Due on the 1st day of the month that the exhibition takes place. 

  • SALES PROCEEDS: MGC takes a 20% commission. MGC will collect all payments for print sales and will collect required sales tax – 8.875%. MGC will pay artists net proceeds within 30 days of take-down. 


  • Exhibitions are promoted on the MGC website, its email list, and on its social media channels. The artist may also publicize the event on his/her own. 

  • Printed postcard announcements are not provided by MGC, and are at the discretion of the artist. 

  • Materials outlined below are due 60 days before the opening date and should be copied to the following email addresses:​

    • erica[at]manhattangraphicscenter[dot]org

    • exhibitions[at]manhattangraphicscenter[dot]org

    • info[at]manhattangraphicscenter[dot]org

    • social[at]manhattangraphicscenter[dot]org



    • A short title (under 10 words)

    • Brief biography (150 words or less)

    • A succinct artist's statement specific to the work being shown (250 words or less). Do not submit a general artist's statement. 

These texts may be subject to editing for length/style from MGC staff. They will be used online, in email blasts, and may be excerpted for social media.  The full text can also be affixed to the wall in the exhibition space during installation.



    • 3-5 high-quality jpg files of works in the exhibition

    • 300 dpi resolution or higher, measuring 1,000 pixels at the longest span.​


    • Please provide your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn information so we can tag you in MGC posts.

Installation and Take-down
  • DATES: To schedule an installation and take-down day, please coordinate with the exhibition committee (see above).


    • HANGING: Works may be framed or unframed at the discretion of the artist. If unframed, MGC has a magnetic system for unframed works that can be used by the artist.​

    • WALL TITLE: Title vinyl wall lettering is at the discretion and expense of the artist. We suggest Do it Yourself Lettering.​

    • ARTIST INFO: MGC will help the artist affix longer texts (bio/statement) to the wall.  Please work with staff on this, as MGC has required grant support information that must be added to any posted materials.​​

  • INSTALLATION: The artist is responsible for hanging the works on the wall. S/he may ask friends, hire someone, or approach other MGC members for assistance.
    • Walls will be clean and ready on the installation day

    • Artists and their assistants may use basic MGC supplies, including levels, tape measures, hanging hooks, L hooks, magnets, tools (hammers/screw drivers), spackle, paint, rollers, brushes, etc.

  • LIABILITY: MGC is not responsible for any damage to artwork or physical harm to non-employees working on the premises. Should the exhibiting party require additional property or medical insurance, a rider is recommended.

  • TAKE-DOWN: The artist must remove works from the wall on the appointed day. S/he must also spackle re-paint any walls affected by nails, hooks, etc. 

  • Receptions and talks must be scheduled on a Friday from 6 pm to 8 pm


  • Refreshments and beverages are not provided by MGC.

  • The artist may provide beverages or refreshments, but s/he will be responsible for cleanup and it must be completed by 10 pm, when MGC closes for the evening.

  • MGC's funders require that all receptions and talks related to exhibitions be open to the public.

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