Code of Conduct Agreement

Effective fall 2017 members are required to read and accept the code of conduct agreement. This document outlines the rules and policies to which all members of Manhattan Graphics Center, hereafter abbreviated to “MGC,” agree to adhere. Accept at left below. 

Using Workshop Hours

Registration for all classes at MGC includes 1 hour of open workshop time for every 1 hour of instruction time. Hours can be used at any time and only expire at the end of each term. Open workshop areas may sometimes be closed for class use; weekly and monthly studio schedules are posted on MGC’s website and should be checked regularly. Holiday closings are posted on the MGC website at the beginning of each term. Closings due to inclement weather or other unforeseen conditions are posted on the MGC website as soon as a determination can be made, and every effort is made to inform all members of such closings via e-mail, the website and phone answering machine.

Members may not arrive before the studio opens or stay after it closes. Members may only use the studio for the number of hours they pay for in advance. They may use the studio for their contracted hours but may not go over those hours; if they do so, they will not be permitted to use the studio until payment is made. 

Signing in and out

MGC tracks open workshop hours through an app on the iPad at the front desk. Only members using open workshop need to sign in. If you are at the studio for a class you do not need to sign in unless you have come early to work or are staying after the class to work. It is your responsibility to make sure you are signing in and out properly.

Workshop equipment

It is the responsibility of studio users to learn how to use the equipment in the studio properly, either by participating in MGC classes or through demonstrable prior experience. Further, members agree to a brief orientation and to review and sign MGC's Workshop Rules before their first use of the studio. Studio users must respect the proper use of tools and equipment. Studio users agree to pay for replacement and/or repair of any equipment or tools that they break, damage, or remove from the studio, including but not limited to: presses, blankets, wash-out equipment, light tables, etc.

If you have comments regarding safety, procedures, supplies, or maintenance issues, please email monitors[at]manhattangraphicscenter[dot]org.


MGC aims to provide a collegial and supportive working environment for artists. Artists must respect one another in the studio and also respect one another’s working space. Conversation in low voices is permitted; monitors may ask studio users to keep their voices down if necessary. Music may only be listened to with headphones/earbuds.

While in the studio, all class students are under the supervision of class instructors. Workshop users are under the supervision of studio monitors. Monitors are responsible for ensuring a safe and collegial workshop atmosphere. They may assist in troubleshooting problems, sell workshop supplies, answer questions and do the daily administrative work necessary to run the studio.


If a member has a problem with anyone's behavior in the studio, they should first discuss it with the monitor on duty and then send an e-mail to Director of Operations Erica Criss, clearly and concisely describing the issue: erica[at]manhattangraphicscenter[dot]org. It is imperative to provide a written record of all studio incidents, without which resolution by the cannot occur.

Food and drink

There is no designated eating area at MGC and all work spaces are first and foremost work spaces. Studio users are invited to eat at their work stations, which are defined by the area in which they signed into the studio to work on any given day. Studio users may eat at the back table in the front exhibition space, but only if this table is not being used by MGC staff. They must vacate this area if requested by staff or monitors to do so. Studio users are welcome to use the refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot in the kitchen area near the rest rooms. All studio users must clean up after themselves and deposit food-related trash and recyclable items in the designated receptacles near the freight elevator.



There is no smoking anywhere on MGC premises.


Cell phones

All cell phone calls should be taken in the kitchen area so as not to disturb other working artists.  Members are encouraged to put their phones on vibrate or turn them off while they are working in the studio.


MGC’s Executive Committee has the authority to mediate all disputes and can, in extreme cases of transgression, suspend or revoke membership of any studio user or monitor without prior warning. If members do not abide by this code of conduct, the Executive Committee may issue a warning for the initial transgression. In the event of a second transgression, members may be subject to suspension or expulsion from the studio. 



Manhattan Graphics Center reserves the right to make changes in this Code of Conduct. Changes will be posted throughout the studio and on the MGC website. Major policy changes will be e-mailed to all members.

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