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Online Benefit Exhibition and Sale

Due to popular demand, we are re-opening our submission

form to add more works to our benefit sale.





Instructors, current members, and current/former scholarship recipients

If you already have two works of art in the exhibition you are not eligible.

If you only have one piece in the exhibition you may enter another.

Any new entries are allowed to submit two works.


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July 20th (11:59pm)


June 22 - July 31, 2020



Isolation / Connection


  • Create 1-2 works of art about isolation or connection (or both). The work can be from an earlier time or created especially for this exhibition/benefit sale.


  • Mixed media art is acceptable, but the work must be 2-dimensional. Printed techniques are encouraged but not required.


  • Submit a high-quality image at 72 dpi resolution and at least 1000 pixels wide for posting on the site.


  • We suggest that the artwork be between 12 - 30 inches in any direction, no larger. Artwork must be able to be safely shipped flat. Do not roll.


  • All artwork entered must be for sale. Consider the extra cost of shipping when you price the artwork, an average price is about $25 for a small work under 15 inches in any direction; $40 or more for larger works up to 30 inches.




  • The exhibition will take place online and all sales will be made through MGC’s website and social media. We encourage you to share the link with your social network and on your own website.


  • Artists will receive 60% of the sale price and MGC will retain a 40% commission.


  • Payments can be made by check or PayPal. Please note it will take longer to process and mail physical checks. 




  • Artists are responsible for packing and shipping sold works to the buyer as well as the shipping cost. Work must be shipped in a timely manner after the sale, no later than one week. 


  • The Artist agrees to take all care to professionally pack the work for shipment, with a paper or Tyvek layer surrounding the work plus a rigid/unbendable exterior. Please label: ARTWORK - DO NOT BEND. 


  • Please insure the work for the full value when shipping. This will add $5-10 to the shipping cost. Be sure to retain your receipt in the event that a damage or loss claim is necessary.


  • Please choose tracking options when you ship and confirm that the work has been successfully delivered in good condition to the buyer. We also recommend a signature requirement.



  • After successful shipment has been confirmed and there are no damages, MGC will forward 60% of the sale price to you.