Manhattan Graphics Center 
Board of Directors

Alicia Damley

Robin Dintiman, Secretary

Beth Ganz

Joan Greenfield

Don Hillel

Vijay Kumar

Michael Levy

Meredith Mayer

Fred Mershimer

Ruth Moscovitch, President

Sarah Plimpton

Bob Shore, Vice President

Richard Turnbull

Mathew Franklin Wilson


The Manhattan Graphics Center (MGC) was founded in 1986 by a group of 20 printmakers who banded together to create a collaborative workshop. They found a loft space on lower Broadway in Soho, and with their own labor and ingenuity were able to create and operate the studio - a tradition that continues to this day. Since the time of its opening, MGC has been run by volunteer artist members (known as keyholders) who staff and maintain the facility 7 days a week, year-round.

MGC's principle purpose has always been to provide a printmaking studio in Manhattan that offers professional facilities at a reasonable cost, and an environment where artists can work and learn together. Classes in the basic disciplines, along with shorter workshops in adjunct techniques, are an integral part of the mission.

MGC's studio includes a gallery space for member exhibitions (group and solo), for an annual jurried show, and for exchange shows with other artists' organization. Exhibition opportunities are also made at outside galleries and through exchanges with other printmaking organizations.

MGC reaches out to the broader community through its high school printmaking initiatives, both at the MGC studio and on site at schools and community centers.

MGC was incorporated in November 1986 under the laws governing not-for-profit public corporations. IRS tax-exempt charitable status followed in 1988. By 1989, the goal of adding a scholarship student each term became a reality, and recently the number of scholarship students has grown to 10 annually. 

The Board of Directors oversees the organization as a whole: policies, strategic planning, fiscal health, programs, and services. 

The Operations Committee (consisting of keyholders and other elected volunteers) handles day-to-day management and maintenance of the workshop. Special committees fall under this umbrella: 
     - Program Committee, establishing each term's curriculum;
     - Exhibition Committee, scheduling and overseeing monthly exhibitions in the MGC gallery;
     - Scholarship Committee, interviewing applicants and awarding scholarships;
     - Shop Committee, solving the physical/mechanical problems that arise in the studio;
     - Publicity Committee, getting the word out;
     - and other Committees for fundraising, the website, and miscellaneous needs.

Paid staff consist of faculty, a part-time manager, and an accountant.

Manhattan Graphics Center has just begun its 26th year of operation in a newly-outfitted space in midtown Manhattan. We're proud of our history and committed to our mission.